Stock Lay Away - Hold it for me!

Stock Lay Away at Spareparts.ieAt SPAREPARTS.IE you have a very unique opportunity if you live in IRELAND, to purchase an item or product you need or desire at online prices and pick up your purchase without having to pay for shipping! 

If you choose to buy through our site - we can hold your purchase on our premises for a guaranteed six months from the date of purchase.

There are two conditions here without any exception! ....

1: - You must purchase from this website.*

2: - You accept that we reserve our right to discard or resell the item/s after six months have passed from the date of purchase.**

If you accept these two simple conditions we are more than happy to lay stock away after you have commited the transaction for pick up at your earliest convenience within the time frame stated above.

Any item you require that isn't listed and you still wish to purchase the part online - just let us know your requirement! We will list it for you very quickly and send you an email to let you know when it is up on the site. Please be aware that even the simplest detailed product takes at least 30 minutes of uninterupted time to list, so although your request is unique to you, be aware that we have a many requests daily and so an answer may not be next to immediate but will be dealt with as quickly as is humanly possible.


*Store Prices are high street retail prices and are governed under different business rules - therefore do not expect a 'walk in' price to be the same as an 'online' price!

**We reserve the right to discard or resell any uncollected order that has been placed with us after the order has been fulfilled after a full six months from the time of order fulfillment. After this time we can only conclude that the order is no longer desired or there maybe other reasons as to why the commited order has not been collected. We are under no obligation to refund or credit the order value after this time has passed and as such, a request of this nature is unreasonable and simply won't be entertained. We cannot reserve space for uncollected orders indefinitley and nor can we hold any reserved value on behalf of the original order, in other words, we will not entertain the value of a previous uncollected order to be considered as a value offset against a future order.We also reserve the right, considering that an order has been uncollected after a full six months has passed since the order has been fulfilled that we reserve and have every right to enforce our company policy,

Having said all of that - We do feel that six months is very ample and very generous time given to either make alternative arrangements by contacting us or to conclude by collecting the order in question. If you need to make an 'Out of policy arrangement' we will try to accomadate you - do contact us in this case but as previously suggested that no contact does not entitle you to make an out of policy agreement after six months has past