About Us

As a company, we are established over 38 years in the retail business vending components and spare parts throughout the spectrum but have also been involved in the service industry since 1960. Over the years we have seen competitors come and go - we've seen the rise and fall of many brands and have been at the hub of our industry despite the many changes that have taken place. We feel that the main reason for our staying power (apart from our expertise - which is pretty extensive) is our ability to be flexible in times of market change and not withstanding this fact, we are now are prepared to embrace the world wide web. This site is our debut onto the web and although our site is by no means complete, we are  improving on it daily to bring you the most comprehensive list of products you'll find anywhere.

Our website has come into existence to compete as best we can in response to the aggressive encroach of our nearest neighbour and their uncompromising approach when it comes to selling into Ireland. It strikes us that people will turn to an alternative and a foreign supplier when domestic suppliers can offer the same item at a competitive price and will probably be local.

Where we are?

We are a wholly owned Irish company based in Dublin's city centre located at number 24/25 BLESSINGTON STREET, DUBLIN 7

You can get directions from Google Maps here

What we do !

We can you supply to you over one and a half million different product lines - from tools to finished goods with the majority of our lines being made up of spare parts! - for quite a number of manufacturers. You can have a look at the brands that we cater for here - The list of products and the list of brands is far from complete but we are adding to it daily.

What we offer!

  • A Secure checkout with industry standard encryption powered by GEOTRUST!
  • A Knowledgebase that over time will prove to be an invaluable reference tool!
  • A Community forum where you can discuss and share experiences, offer and recieve advice and help!
  • A non solicited company newsletter informing you of some good deals and bargains that we may have from time to time - if you choose or wish to subscribe to.

Are we there yet?

NO - Not at all and we have a long way to go! - Our site is still in developement - and we work at it daily

The products we sell!

We are committed to providing you with only the manufacturers' original components or a suitable alternative that they are prepared to endorse! That is to say that the products we sell are of excellent quality and are deemed to be suitable replacements to the original should you choose to prefer a less expensive alternative to the original.