Microwave Ovens

Spare Parts and Accessories for Microwave Ovens

Microwave component description breakdownSpare Parts for Microwaves include - Wave Guide Covers, Turntable Motors, Magnetrons, High Voltage Capacitors, High Voltage Diodes, Transformers, Control Knobs, Glass Turntables, 

Below is a short guide in layman's terms as to what these parts are for .....

Wave Guide Covers - have a dual functionality within the cabinet of a microwave oven. Firstly their function is to meter or guide the waves emitted by the magnetron into a form that is guided into a useful and powerful wavelength (we'll not get technical here) and secondly to act as a barrier for smaller lifeforms, reflected microwaves and food particles entering the interior workings of the Microwave Oven itself. Continue to Wave Guide Covers

Microwave Oven Turntable Motors - drive the Glass turntable plate that you place your food on. They are located directly beneath the key or drive coupling that mates with the underside of the glass plate (if it is molded to use this type of drive) or sometimes are directly connected to the Roller Ring that the glass turntabe rests upon. Continue to Turntable Motors

Magnetrons - are the unit inside Microwave Ovens responsible for converting the power from your wall socket into a useable form of radio frequency that is shot out into the cavity of your microwave oven through the wave guide cover concentrating this form of radio wave that we call microwaves that results in a mechanical way of exciting the water molecules within the food you are trying to heat. It is this excitement of the water molecules that heats the food! Continue to Magnetrons

High Voltage Capacitors - Used in conjunction with the High Voltage Diode, the high voltage capacitor increases the high voltage output coming from the microwave transformer. PLEASE NOTE - Caution is required here - BEFORE touching any wiring or components - the High Voltage Capacitor MUST be discharged! If you are not sure - do not attempt to open your microwave oven and consult a qualified engineer. Continue to High Voltage Capacitors

High Voltage Diodes - are used along with the high voltage capacitor to provide a high voltage of 3000v to 5000v DC current that passes through the Magnetron and generates the High voltage necessary to create the Microwave Energy required to cook your food. Continue to High Voltage Diodes

Transformers - Step up the incoming mains voltage to a much higher output voltage and aslo rectify the current from AC mains voltage to DC current which in conjunction with the high voltage capacitor effectively doubles the high voltage output. Continue to Microwave Transformers

Control Knobs - as the name suggest act as a lever to adjust the control unit located directly behind the knob which governs the power output and cooking time of the Microwave and provides an indication to the end user of those settings. Continue to Microwave Control Knobs

Glass Turntables - have two functions - the first is to support the food containers that you place in the microwave and secondly to trap any spills that occur due to overheating or mishandleing making for easier cleaning while protecting inner components from spill damage. Bear in mind that any spills or left over foodstuffs will continue to 'cook' and corrode on the inside of your microwave oven if not cleaned away before subsequent use. Although the glass plate is heat resistant and will withstand the heat inside your microwaqve oven, they are not shock proof. Any sudden change in temperature or impact and the plate will shatter. Continue to Microwave Glass Turntables

Door Catches - The door catch acts as a mechanism for keeping the Oven door closed whilst cooking and secondly Activates and Deactivates the microswitch mechanism within the microwave that only allows operation while the door is closed. Continue to Microwave Door Catches