Model Numbers - Common places to find them

Below is a guide to where this information can be found on most major appliances





To find the model number on your dishwasher - open the door and search around the top or side rims - there should be a rating plate visible and the information should be displayed there - If you can't find it on the door rim - consider this unusual and look about the door frame opening - if it isn't there - perhaps some information can be found on the facia panel. - The information is rarely if never on the back of the appliance on a dishwasher but as a last case scenario it is possible that you may find the information on an insttruction manual ... bear in mind that manufacturers use the same instruction manual to suit various models and this can lead to improper identification when it comes to identifying the correct spare part for your model - It is important to use discretion and due dilligence on your part to obtain the correct part you require - any assistant can only work with the information you provide and if you provide the wrong information you cannot hold anyone but yourself to blame if the wrong parts are supplied to you - not always are all parts returnable when human error is at fault - so be wise

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